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I´m in it for poetry

not massiv information

not blocks of words

not thousands of demands

Just the word needed

To make a difference

I´m in it for poetry



I am so happy you found me. I am Linda Dahlqvist, living life the swedish way as a teacher, mental trainer and founder of DNK, but most of all in the midst of the morning light, free nature and falling in under a sky full of stars.

I am happy to welcome you into my world!

I experience a lot of stress in the school of today. Both teachers and students has lost themselves in things to do and demands to live up to. This inner stress blocks them from living and flourish fully as themselves.

My mission is to ignite a change, introducing DNK by teaching teachers tools and attitudes which helps them go from a state of stress to a state of growth. I belevie that this inner shift, one teacher at a time, can create a new school and a new world. Not longer lead by fearful thinking and stress-born actions. Insted lead by dreams, hearts and loving connection. Here we are back in contact whit life-force itself and it´s time to let our own light shine!


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